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Venus Cards

In order to choose the wisest, Venus decides to hold cards contest at the weekend. From the contest, you can earn Arrows which can be exchanged for S rank gear parts, Venus Ring, etc.

Event Duration
Every weekend
1.      There are five cards: Venus, Death Knight, Ever Nightmare, Chinchilla, Golden Wing.
2.      Click Open the 5 cards in same time and you will earn various rewards depending on the different card sets.

3.      Card sets rewards are showed in the left window, your current rewards will high light.
4.      After you open the card, you can change the card and get the final rewards when you make up your mind.

5.      You must select the card which you want to change and then click the Change button.
6.      You need to pay 10 crystals for changing 1 card, 20 crystals for 2 cards and so on.

7.      The Arrows in the rewards can be exchanged for items in the Venus Shop.

Requirements Rewards
5 Venus Cards Arrow*100, Crystal*250
5 Same Cards Arrow*30, Crystal*50
5 Different Cards Arrow*20, Crystal*50
4 Same Cards Arrow*10, Crystal*20
3 Same Cards Arrow*5, Gold*30000
2 Same Cards Arrow*1, Gold*10000
With enough Arrows, you can exchange them for some certain item in Venus Shop, such as a Venus Ring (A ring witnessing the love and fall of Venus, increase 25 initial spr when equipped.  It is a real power gear for love) , materials of venus battle clothing and so on.